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Alex Wisch

I'm Alex Wisch, an Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, and the Founder of Wisch Fit.

Alex Wisch's Bio:

      I'm Alex Wisch, a Certified Personal Trainer and the founder of Wisch Fit, a private personal training service with a highly individualized fitness approach. My goal in the field of fitness is to create a personal training service that helps people gain the confidence and knowledge to live a lasting healthy life-style. Many trainers create a co-dependency between the client and trainer, which ensure life long dependent clients. Unfortunately, this model stunts the personal growth of the client. I aim to help people establish a renewed sense of confidence and give them the tools needed to pursue independent healthy lifestyles. I want individuals to prosper by developing a plethora of knowledge, radiating self-confidence, and undeterred self-motivation.

      A unique aspect of my fitness approach is how I simultaneously train an individual, while educating him or her about proper form, posture, exercise specifics, why his or her particular fitness plan was chosen, nutritional needs, and other key aspects that will help the individual develop a sincere understanding of fitness. I promote communication among all treaters to greater enhance an individuals treatment in all spectrums of health. With joint communication, treatments can be tailored to augment each other and greatly enhance the overall well-being of the individual.

      I train each client as a unique individual and do not believe that there is one exercise methodology that supersedes all others. Each person has his or her own distinct biology and anatomy, which requires keen observational skills and assessments to determine the most effective fitness and nutritional plan to satisfy his or her needs. As the body and mind changes over time, treatments need to be continuously re-evaluated and adjusted to acheive optimal results.

     Please feel free to post any fitness questions on and I will respond promptly.  

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Small business startup, marketing, human rights, community development, fitness, health, nutrition, running, rock climbing, kite boarding, sailing, and mixed martial arts.

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